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The 64-AMP is an audio amplifier based on the U-AMP but capable of accepting N64 digital audio as this requires a hardware change for it to work. It also supports analog audio input. The audio mode is selected by soldering the jumper configuration.


Digital I2S input is the best audio quality for a portable. It gives you the ability to bypass the audio digital-to-analog converter present on the motherboards for lossless quality over wires. 

Quickly mute the 64-AMP by holding down + and -. The headphones and speakers store separate volume levels. When the headphones are connected, it will be at the headphone level and adjusting the volume only affects the headphone parameter. When the volume is at 0, the amplifier is automatically disabled for energy efficiency. 

After holding down + or -, the volume will continue to gradually increase or decrease until the button is released

The 64-AMP is a one-fits-all seamless audio board for your portable needs!

Refer to the 64-AMP documentation for installation