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G-Boy Shipping Information

We are doing our best to get the G-Boy kits into your hands. The following chart contains estimates for when the kits, in order of date ordered, will ship. Bookmark this page to keep up to date with the shipping time for your order.

NOTE: Orders placed after June 4th will be part of a second batch of kits! These kits have no set shipping date yet, but will most likely be Late July/early to mid August!

Updated: 6/26/2020

Please note that the dates listed are only an estimation and that things could fluctuate in either direction. We will be updating this chart based on the latest delivery dates we get from our suppliers.

Date Range (of Order Date) Shipping Range Estimate 
April 10th -  April 18th SHIPPED
 April 22nd SHIPPED 
 April 23rd - April 25th SHIPPED
April 26th - April 28th  SHIPPED
April 29th - May 1st  SHIPPED
May 1st - May 5th Early July 2020
May 6th - May 14th  Early July 2020
May 15th - May 22nd   Early July 2020
May 23rd - May 29th Early July 2020
May 30th - June 4th Early July 2020
June 5th - Present Late July/August 2020