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N64 Power Management System


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N64 Power Management System


The N64 Power Management System is an all in one custom power solution for N64 portables. It allows for seamless charge & play along with built-in battery protection. Each board comes fully assembled, programmed, and fully ready to be installed in your project. The N64 Power Management System also boasts several must-have features for a fully integrated power solution including:

  • Seamless charge & play (play your portable while it's charging) and battery protection
  • Built-in regulators (3.3V and a boost for 5V)
  • Shipping Mode: Permanently powers off the unit until a charger is plugged in to prevent accidental powering on during travel/shipping
  • RGB LED based interface with 4 modes:
    1. LED off
    2. RGB fade (cycles through colors)
    3. Battery monitor (displays colors based on charge level)
    4. Shipping mode


WARNING: When batteries are wired up to the system, there is voltage flowing throughout the board EVEN WHEN POWERED OFF! Be sure to disconnect the B+ line BEFORE soldering to the board!

The pinout for the N64 Power Management System is as follows:


A - NC

Btn - Power button (tact switch wired to GND for ON/OFF)

T-, T+ - Thermistor for thermal protection. Cuts off ~75C (Thermistor included)

R-, B-, G- - Wire to the common anode RGB led, Anode can be wired to a source voltage like 3.3v

CHRG - This is the DC voltage source charger input. Recommended to use 12V DC. Cannot exceed 14V! The default code is set to charge 3.072A which is ideal for a 1S2P 18650 battery configuration. Please make sure to check the specifications of the battery against the charging settings of the system before use.

B+ - Battery positive connection

5V - Remove the 5V regulator on the N64 that was previously powered by 12V and wire the 5V pad