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Portable Parts

  • 3D Printed G-Wii Case 3D Printed G-Wii Case

    3D Printed G-Wii Case

    3D printed on a Prusa MK3S with 5 colors to choose from, this G-Wii case is a vital part required to build the perfect beginner's portable. It has tons of room on the inside for whatever featureset you wish to build in along with a full-res 480P 5" LCD...

  • 64-AMP


    The 64-AMP is an audio amplifier based on the U-AMP but capable of accepting N64 digital audio as this requires a hardware change for it to work. It also supports analog audio input. The audio mode is selected by soldering the jumper configuration...

  • Cooling Kit Cooling Kit

    Cooling Kit

    The Cooling Kit is the perfect solution needed for keeping your portables cool! It works great for Wii, PS2, Dreamcast, and other consoles. This is the same setup used in the G-Wii and Louii cases.    The 35mm Heatsink includes a thermal...

  • GC+ (v2.0) Replacement Controller Board GC+ v2.0 Replacement Controller Board dimensions and drill size & offsets

    GC+ (v2.0) Replacement Controller Board

    The GC+ (v2.0) Replacement Controller Board is a modern replacement for older controllers, designed to be smaller, better, and easier to use in your projects! Not only does it do everything the original controllers can do, but it also can be...



    The U-AMP is a universal audio amplifier integrated seamlessly with speakers and headphones. It supports digital I2S audio input for Wii, PS2, and Dreamcast, as well as standard analog audio input for any other console. The audio mode is selected by...