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RVL LCD Direct Drive


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RVL LCD Direct Drive

RVL-DD uses an FPGA for directly driving LCD screens for the lowest latency, highest quality video output possible in a portable console. The useless digital->analog->digital conversion adopted using the standard AVE+VGA configuration is bypassed, obtaining a pixel-perfect picture. The RVL-DD PCB is much smaller than your average screen driver board allowing you to design your portables even more compact. RVL-DD completely bypasses the AVE so together with the U-AMP, making the OMEGA trim easier than ever.

Thanks to the i2c interface and the strong BBLoader integration it allows to control color settings, backlight  brightness and widescreen stretching directly from software, without requiring any additional button.

RVL-DD Documentation:

BBLoader and LCDDriver.bit files: Will be released shorty.