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USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive


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USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive


The USB-C board is an add-on to the PMS boards to allow USB-C power delivery charging up to 12V. It also has a multiplexer section to allow internal USB storage and file transfer all through the USB-C port (the USB-C port is in file transfer mode when the PMS is powered off). The board is designed in mind for use with the Kingston USB-SD adapter.


The pinout is as follows:


VSYS - to the PMS VSYS voltage

5V - to the PMS 5V pad

SCL - to the PMS SCL pad

SDA - to the PMS SDA pad

GND - Any ground

CHRG - To PMS CHRG pad. As the PMS cannot exceed a safety voltage of 14V, it is recommended to wire this last and verify before connecting it that the voltage is as expected from your charger

BTN - Option to use this integrated button as the PMS power button

D- - To Wii USB D- (Pin 6 on the Definitive Wii Trimming Guide)

D+ - To Wii USB D+ (Pin 7 on the Definitive Wii Trimming Guide)


PMS sold before 10/3/19 are programmed with a static PD source of 12V 2A and 9V 3A. New RVL PMS are programmed with the new firmware v2 allowing for dynamic PD source negotiation for compatibility with any PD charger. The Non-Volatile Memory of the PD Source is programmed to 12V 2A and 9V 3A to prevent accidental high VBUS on dead battery condition. 

Note! Without the new PMS firmware v2, The Power Delivery Profiles are programmed to 12V 2A and 9V 3A. If the USB-C charger does not have these exact source capabilities, it will output 5V. It is recommended to use the 49.5watt Anker PowerPort II charger, ASIN #B0721DV7YX