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  • GC+ Replacement Controller Board

    GC+ Replacement Controller Board

    NOTE: All units will have the dual tact resistors pre-soldered unless otherwise requested.     The GC+ Replacement Controller Board is a modern replacement for older controllers, designed to be smaller, better, and easier to...

    Was: $17.50
  • PowerMii Lite

    PowerMii Lite

    PowerMii Lite is an all-in-one regulator solution for all of your Wii projects.   Product Specifications: Dimensions: 42.3mm x 18.3mm Vin (Min): 5V Vin (Max): 17V

  • USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive

    USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive   The USB-C board is an add-on to the PMS boards to allow USB-C power delivery charging up to 12V. It also has a multiplexer section to allow internal USB storage and file transfer all through the USB-C port...

  • Wii Power Management System

    Wii Power Management System - Developed by Gman   The Wii Power Management System is an all in one custom power solution for Wii portables. It allows for seamless charge & play along with built-in battery protection. Each board comes fully...