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  • GC+ Replacement Controller Board

    GC+ Replacement Controller Board

    NOTE: All units will have the dual tact resistors pre-soldered unless otherwise requested.     The GC+ Replacement Controller Board is a modern replacement for older controllers, designed to be smaller, better, and easier to...

    Was: $17.50
  • INT-1106FE Dual Action Tactile Switch (Pack of 2)

    The INT-1106FE Dual Action Tactile Switch is the perfect low-profile shoulder button solution for your Wii portable! These switches are intended to be used with GC+ 1.0 or GC+ 2.0. In the case of GC+ 1.0, a custom firmware is needed in order...

  • PowerMii Lite

    PowerMii Lite

    PowerMii Lite is an all-in-one regulator solution for all of your Wii projects.   Product Specifications: Dimensions: 42.3mm x 18.3mm Vin (Min): 5V Vin (Max): 17V

  • U-AMP

    The U-AMP is a universal audio amplifier integrated seamlessly with speakers and headphones. It supports digital I2S audio input for Wii, PS2, and Dreamcast, as well as standard analog audio input for any other console. The audio mode is selected by...

  • USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive

    USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive   The USB-C board is an add-on to the PMS boards to allow USB-C power delivery charging up to 12V. It also has a multiplexer section to allow internal USB storage and file transfer all through the USB-C port...

  • Wii Power Management System

    Wii Power Management System - Developed by Gman   The Wii Power Management System is an all in one custom power solution for Wii portables. It allows for seamless charge & play along with built-in battery protection. Each board comes fully...